What are the effects of domestic violence?

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February 6, 2017
domestic violence
Domestic violence has many forms. It may occur as physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, or even psychological abuse. In many cases, the violence is a combination of many things. These problems may occur against a spouse or partner, a parent or a child. It may even occur in homes where friends are sharing a living area. The true definition of this type of abuse is when one person commits an act that is intended to dominate or control another person.

Effects Associated With Domestic Violence

There are many signs that this type of violence is taking place in a household. Some of these effects include:

• Withdrawing socially. Many people who are abused withdraw socially so they do not have to admit what is happening to them.
• Acting up in school. Children who are abused will act up in school or start failing in their grades. They do this as a way to draw attention to their situation without ever having to say they are being abused.
• Frequent job changes or moving. Hiding the abuse often requires frequent moves or job changes in case anyone is becoming suspicions.
• Depression. The victim will suffer from depression because they are being abused and have no way out.
• Suicidal actions. Many people who are being abused will try to take their lives because they feel it is the only way to make the abuse stop.

There Is Help

There are ways to get out of a bad domestic situation. Legal processes are in place to protect victims of these horrendous crimes. There are many Waukesha attorneys who can help you with these legal actions so that you can free yourself from a life of domestic abuse.

Experienced Waukesha attorneys may also be able to give you guidance and information on other organizations that can provide you with the help you need to escape a life of abuse and start fresh. No one should live their life in fear.

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