Waukesha DUI Attorneys Have the Legal Expertise you need

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November 23, 2016
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Waukesha DUI Attorneys Have the Legal Expertise you need

Driving under the Influence is a serious infraction that can result in permanent license suspension and even jail time. Also known as Operating While Intoxicated, OWI laws are tougher in Wisconsin than other states. This is because the state lowered its legal blood alcohol content (BAC) to a level of 0.08% back in 2003. Wisconsin was the 43rd state to do that since the number of DUI and DWI offenses were skyrocketing throughout the state and region that year. With this in mind, you need a licenses and professional Waukesha DUI lawyer on your side. With years of extensive legal experience, area attorneys have the tools and expertise to salvage your license and even get fines lowered.

DUI Offenses – What Waukesha Residents Must Know

While DUI offenses are truly serious, there are times when discrepancies appear on reports. For example: Waukesha residents have been arrested in the past even though they were well above the legal alcohol content limit. In addition, you have a right to refuse a breathalyzer exam – especially if you feel you are no intoxicated or were nowhere near alcohol on the day of the offense. At times, many drivers are also stopped for swerving simply due to fatigue, exhaustion, and other non-alcoholic related situations. Furthermore, police officers have been cited for not reading an arrestee’s rights – as well as misinforming them about certain procedures and protocols as it relates to drunk or buzzed driving.

Your Waukesha DUI attorney has the tools and expertise to present these discrepancies to judges and/or a jury panel of your peers. He or she can also help you contest any tickets, while truly explaining your side of the story in a court of law. Area attorneys offer complimentary consultations – and many do not even accept fees until and unless you have won your case or charged have been dismissed. They are also committed to legal excellence in helping you save your driving privileges – especially for first time offenders.

Get the Legal Representation You Deserve

If you feel you have been unjustly arrested, now is the right time to contact Waukesha Criminal Attorneys. They have and continue to help countless clients with timely, professional, and legal representation across the board.

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