Juvenile Crimes and Delinquency

We are your Waukesha Juvenile Court Lawyers. When a person under the age of 17 is accused of a crime, he or she ends up in juvenile court. A record of a conviction in Wisconsin juvenile court can cause serious problems. At Huppertz & Powers, S.C., our lawyers fight hard to protect children from unnecessary punishments that could jeopardize their futures.

Our Wisconsin juvenile court attorneys meet with children and their parents free of charge. With more than 40 years of experience in criminal defense, our attorneys can quickly figure out what can be done in any Wisconsin juvenile court case. The first meeting is on us; contact us today.

The Law and Juvenile Crimes

In Wisconsin, juvenile courts deal with many of the same crimes that adult courts handle. However, when the defendant is under 17 years old, the charges are known as “juvenile delinquency.” Common juvenile delinquency charges include the following:

  • Drunk driving: DWI, OWI, OWI
  • Shoplifting, theft, burglary, and other property crimes
  • Drug crimes: Posession, sale, trafficking, or transport of cocaine, methamphetamine (a.k.a. Crystal meth), THC, cocaine, MDMA, heroin, or marijuana
  • Sex crimes: Statutory rape, or consensual sex with a minor
  • Simple battery, aggravated battery, domestic assault and battery

A conviction can make the child’s parents liable for up to $10,000. But having a Wisconsin juvenile court conviction on your record can cause even greater problems in the future. For example, a conviction of a juvenile drug crime can make a child ineligible for financial aid for college.

At Huppertz & Powers, S.C., we work hard to help our juvenile clients avoid convictions on their records. Our lawyers can get first-time offenders “deferred prosecution agreements,” in which juveniles complete a probation period instead of being charged with a crime. If it is too late for this option, we can also work on record expungement, which means erasing a conviction from a criminal record.

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