Probation and Parole Violation

At Huppertz and Powers we are your Waukesha Probation Violation Lawyer. If you have been charged with probation violation or looking to revoke probation, you are entitled to an administrative hearing. Such hearings are complex, however; you will need a Wisconsin probation violation attorney who can work hard for your interests and protect your legal rights.

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Probation in Wisconsin

Although we still use the word “probation,” technically, there has not been probation in Wisconsin for several years. Now, a sentence is divided between a few years of jail and a few years of “extended supervision,” which means that you are free but carefully watched.

If you are found guilty of violating the rules of supervision, you can be sent back to jail for the remainder of your sentence. But before that happens, you have a right to a revocation hearing (a.k.a. “re-confinement hearing”) in which our lawyers can make a strong case for you remaining in extended supervision. We can also help you get an “alternative to revocation” (ATR) plan.

Types of Cases

Our Wisconsin probation violation attorneys can help with a variety of cases. Whether you are accused of violating the rules of your extended supervision, accused of new crimes, or are on a probation or parole hold, we can help.

For example, in a parole hold, an agent arrests a person and puts them on a hold; if a hearing does not occur within 60 days, the person must be released and their extended supervision restored. We can make sure you get a timely hearing or get off entirely if your hearing is not scheduled in time.

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