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Archive for November 2015

Trampoline Personal Injuries

Lots of families have a big trampoline in their backyards. Trampolines are great fun for kids and can be fun for parents too, if they’re brave enough. Not only are they a good time, but they’re also a fantastic form of exercise. If there’s a kid’s birthday party you can bet the trampoline will be…

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Changes Made to Wisconsin Alcohol Laws

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently signed bill 236, which put act 62 into law. This bill, commonly known as the “wine walk bill,” allows groups of businesses, that do not normally serve alcohol or food to their customers, to purchase wine and beer to serve to its customers during special events. During these special events…

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Changes in Wisconsin OWI Laws

Legislation has been introduced to the Wisconsin State Congress that would add some changes in Wisconsin OWI Laws. The proposed bill would bring harsher penalties for OWI repeat offenders. According to the Department of Transportation Wisconsin has the highest rate of drunk driving in the nation. Wisconsin also has some of the most lax laws…

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Driving Under the Influence of Pot in Wisconsin

Marijuana is a very popular topic today. News anchors, politicians and just about everyone is all talking about the pros and cons of legalizing pot. The state of pot Currently there are 23 states that have legalized marijuana for medical use, while four states plus the District of Columbia have legalized it for recreational use.…

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