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  • Law Enforcement Defense Attorney │ Police Officer Criminal Defense

    Technology has brought about much advancement to our society. It has changed how we live and how we interact with…

  • juvenile delinquency

    Factors that Contributes to Juvenile Delinquency | Huppertz & Powers

    In most states, the laws specify that anyone under the age of 18 is considered a juvenile. In many states,…

  • Criminal Traffic Offenses || Traffic Felonies and Misdemeanors: Overview

    Traffic violations are usually categorized into three sections: infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. Infractions are the most common type of traffic…

  • House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring in Wisconsin

    House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring in Wisconsin   House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring in Wisconsin : It seems house arrest…

  • Slender Man Case

    Slender Man Case: Waukesha Teen Who Stabbed Classmate Sentenced to 40 years at Mental Hospital

    It was a case that absolutely stunned the world. Two Waukesha County girls lured another 12 year old girl into…

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    Operating After Revocation Charges in Wisconsin: If you are caught driving after revocation after your license has been revoked due…

  • Wisconsin Theft Laws

    In Wisconsin there is a long list of ways to commit theft. To go along with this long list of…

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    Post-Conviction Proceedings: How does the Process Work?

    Being convicted of a crime does not necessarily mean that your case is over. There are many conditions surrounding a…

  • Internet Crime

    Internet Crime: Proving Copyright Infringement

    Many people believe that when something is posted on the Internet it is available for all people to use as…

  • Juvenile Delinquency: Definition, Theories and Facts

    Juvenile delinquency is often the term used for children (age between 10-17) who partake in mischievous or rule-breaking acts. When…