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Milwaukee PurpleStride Event Benefits Pancreatic Cancer Efforts

Earlier this month, our Legal Assistant Karen Krueger proudly participated in the PurpleStride 5K Run & Family-Friendly Walk. This was organized by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, which draws tens of thousands of individuals in over 56 events across the nation. On May 17, runners and walkers gathered at Miller Park for PurpleStride Milwaukee 2015,…

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Conditions of Good Time in Wisconsin

  Have you heard of “good time” in reference to criminal cases? It’s a reward available to some inmates of a county jail who have demonstrated good behavior. According to Section 302.43 of the Wisconsin Statutes, eligible inmates can “earn good time in the amount of one-fourth of his or her term.” So the sentence…

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What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?

  The word “privilege” typically refers to a reward or incentive, but it means something different when referring to attorney-client privilege. This applies in both spoken conversation and written communication. In a legal setting, privilege can refer to a benefit, advantage or immunity, but most often is used in exempting information from becoming common knowledge…

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The 72-Hour No-Contact Requirement in Wisconsin Domestic Violence Cases

According to a Wisconsin statute, if you’ve been arrested for domestic violence, you are required to refrain from any contact with the victim for 72 hours – no matter what. The purpose of this requirement is to alleviate some of the tension between both parties, a cooling off period of sorts. During this time period,…

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Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Wisconsin?

The term “domestic violence” involves two individuals in some kind of relationship, whether currently or formerly married, dating, co-parents, living together or in a civil union. The accused in this scenario has allegedly inflicted some type of mental or physical harm on the victim (such as sexual assault, physical pain or injury), though damage to…

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