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Archive for June 2015

Grand Juries in Wisconsin Criminal Cases

Where Wisconsin criminal cases are concerned, the majority typically follow a chain of events like this: A district attorney files a criminal complaint that states which accusations are being made. This must include the crime charges, the identity of the defendant and where/when the alleged crime occurred. Probable cause plays a huge part in determining…

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Homicide Charges in Wisconsin

  In the legal system, not all homicide charges are created equal. Varying circumstances can affect how a case is treated, how the specific charge is determined and the sentence an individual receives. And, in some cases, certain evidence can lessen the severity of an initial charge. For example, did you know that, while many…

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Character Reference Letters in a Wisconsin Criminal Defense Case

If you’re facing a Wisconsin Criminal Defense case, you may wonder whether character references can help you reach a favorable decision. While it depends on each unique situation, we advise clients to pick as many important individuals they know who are not family members, because it certainly can’t hurt to have credible opinions. Presenting these…

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Refusing to Submit Violation During an OWI Arrest

  If you’ve been charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), chances are you took some kind of test on the scene that measured your level of intoxication. But some who are arrested for OWI receive a second citation for refusing to submit to a breath, blood or urine test even if they complied with the…

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