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Character Reference Letters in a Wisconsin Criminal Defense Case

If you’re facing a Wisconsin Criminal Defense case, you may wonder whether character references can help you reach a favorable decision. While it depends on each unique situation, we advise clients to pick as many important individuals they know who are not family members, because it certainly can’t hurt to have credible opinions.

Presenting these letters will be up to the discretion of the attorney and how the information fits with his or her strategy.  For example, in a misdemeanor DWI or drug possession case, character reference letters may not be as beneficial when the prosecutor has seen so many of these come through the system. But in a plea bargain, even if a character letter can have the smallest of positive influence, it will be worth it.

When it comes to felonies, character witnesses can carry more weight because the stakes are so much higher. Since a felony conviction changes someone’s life so drastically, this background information can be vital in reducing the severity of a sentence. And due to the nature of these types of trials, more time is generally granted to review information like character witness letters when making a decision.

While sometimes prosecutors’ opinions of a person can’t be influenced by character references, our goal at Huppertz and Powers, S.C. is for our clients to be given the consideration and humanity they deserve instead of being treated like numbers to shuffle through the justice system.

If you’re facing a criminal charge, our Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyers can help you determine the aspects of your life that shed a positive light on your character along with individuals whose testimonies can be beneficial for your case. Contact us now at 262-549-5979 to discuss your case — the first meeting is on us.

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