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Resisting or Obstructing an Officer in Wisconsin

If someone is charged with resisting or obstructing an officer in Wisconsin, this means he or she is accused of interfering with a law enforcement agent’s attempt to make an arrest. Let’s break down this definition according to Wisconsin law: Obstructs: “knowingly giving false information to the officer or knowingly placing physical evidence with intent…

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What Does Pleading No-Contest Mean?

  Pleading No Contest or Nolo Contendere in a Criminal Case When you are charged with a crime or a  criminal traffic offense, you have the option of pleading guilty, not guilty, not guilty by reason of insanity, or no-contest, formally known as nolo contendere, which your judge will officially note in the court’s records.   While…

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Facing a No Contact Order in Wisconsin?

When an individual receives a No Contact Order in Wisconsin, he or she isn’t allowed any form of contact with another person—usually the alleged victim, a witness to the incident or loved ones of those people. No-contact orders are typically the condition of a bond or bail, and they aren’t the same thing as a…

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Switchblade Laws Got Switched | Wisconsin Knife Laws

  Now, this new law doesn’t mean anyone can walk down the street waving a knife around and get away with it. There are still some limits on carrying a knife according to Wisconsin Knife Laws and it’s important to know what you can and can’t do.   To set the record straight, here’s a list…

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House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring in Wisconsin

House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring in Wisconsin House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring in Wisconsin : It seems house arrest is a common occurrence in television and movies, but who is really eligible for it as an alternative to jail time? That depends on the county sheriff’s decision – when sentencing an individual to jail time,…

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Operating After Revocation Charges in Wisconsin | Driving After Revocation

Operating After Revocation Charges in Wisconsin: If you are caught driving after revocation after your license has been revoked due to DUI or OWI, you may face charges of Operating After Revocation (OAR) in Wisconsin, not to be confused with Operating. After Suspension, which is a lesser offense, Operating After Revocation in Wisconsin is a misdemeanor criminal…

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Wisconsin Theft Laws

a theft trying to unlock a door-wisconsin theft laws

In Wisconsin, there is a long list of ways to commit theft. To go along with this long list of violations, there’s also a long list of penalties for the various levels of severity. Because Wisconsin theft laws are so thorough it can be hard to know which category a theft crime might fall into.…

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Wisconsin Drone Laws

Drones have recently made a huge impact on the country. What used to be reserved for the highest level of military intelligence can now be bought on Amazon for under $50. These flying menaces are now zipping across the skies all over the country. Wisconsin Drone Laws have been applied in Wisconsin state.   While drones can…

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Score One for Mark

Our esteemed partner has done it again. Mark Powers has successfully campaigned his way to a re-election to Municipal Judge for the North Prairie Joint Municipal Court. This re-election is a fantastic achievement for Mark and the firm. It is a testament to his knowledge of law and dedication to serving his community. As a…

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How Does Attorney Client Privilege Work?

What Is Attorney-Client Privilege? The word “privilege” typically refers to a reward or incentive, but it means something different when referring to attorney-client privilege. This applies in both spoken conversation and written communication. In a legal setting, privilege can refer to a benefit, advantage or immunity, but most often is used in exempting information from…

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