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Switchblade Laws Just Got Switched

Switchblade Laws Just Got Switched
March 31, 2016


Switch-Blade-laws-just-got-switched Now this new law doesn’t mean anyone can walk down the street waving a knife around and get away with it. There are still some limits on carrying a knife, and it’s important to know what you can and can’t do.


To set the record straight, here’s a list of knife carrying cans and can’ts.


  • You can carry a knife without a concealed carry permit, unless you are already banned from carrying a firearm for any reason.
  • You can’t be charged with disorderly conduct just for carrying a knife. This was the case for firearms and now knifes fall under the same rule.
  • You can now carry a switchblade, which were previously illegal.
  • You can’t be stopped by city or county regulations. This new law is preemption, meaning because it is a state law, it trumps local laws.

So there you have it, the cans and can’ts of the new Wisconsin knife laws. If you need legal help with any kind of weapons charges, call the Huppertz & Powers for a free case evaluation.