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Score One for Mark

Our esteemed partner has done it again. Mark Powers has successfully campaigned his way to a re-election to Municipal Judge for the North Prairie Joint Municipal Court. This re-election is a fantastic achievement for Mark and the firm.

It is a testament to his knowledge of law and dedication to serving his community. As a Municipal Judge, Mark is charged with overseeing court cases involving a variety of offenses.

  • Traffic
  • First offense drunk driving
  • Underage alcohol
  • Parking
  • Building code violations
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Trespass
  • Health code violations
  • Animal control violations
  • Truancy

The Municipal Court is a vital part of our legal system. These courts are often people’s first interaction with any kind of legal proceedings. Mark’s job is to make sure this first interaction is both fair and just.

Being a lawyer and a judge kind of makes Mark a double agent, without the cool disguises. By sitting on both sides of the bench, Mark knows how the other side thinks and what’s motivating them. This allows him to be highly effective in both capacities.

We wish Mark the best of luck moving forward with this important job.

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