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Wisconsin Drone Laws

Drones have recently made a huge impact on the country. What used to be reserved for the highest level of military intelligence can now be bought on Amazon for under $50. These flying menaces are now zipping across the skies all over the country. Wisconsin Drone Laws have been applied in Wisconsin state.


While drones can be a great way for people to enjoy photography and explore an interest in amateur aviation, they can also wreak havoc. Drones have been at the center of several criminal incidents.


From a man landing his drone inside the White House fence to a gang member flying in contraband to an Oklahoma jail. A recent problem with drones is that they have been destroying property and injuring people.


Drones can be incredibly hard to control, especially if the operator is inexperienced. Because of drones frequently crashing, damaging property and hurting people in the process.


Wisconsin state congressmen and women, along with several other states and the Federal Aviation Administration, have been debating how to regulate drones to keep drone use a safe and secure activity.


In 2013 lawmakers passed a law banning the weaponization of drones and prevents government use of drones without a proper warrant. This Wisconsin Drone Laws also bans drones capable of audio and video recording in areas where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy.


Now, people are asking for Wisconsin Drone Laws to hold drone owners responsible for any damage or injury their drones may cause. Florida has a bill on the floor that would do just that. If the bill is successful, other states are expected to follow suite.


The lawyers at Huppertz & Powers will be ready for whatever the future holds for drone laws in Wisconsin. With more than 35 years of criminal defense experience, these attorneys know what it takes to protect their client’s futures.  


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