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Archive for March, 2016

  • Switchblade Laws Just Got Switched

      Now this new law doesn’t mean anyone can walk down the street waving a knife around and get away…

  • Alicia’s Law Creates Unexpected Controversy

    Assembly Bill 666 (that’s really the name of the bill) more commonly known as “Alicia’s Law” was recently passed by…

  • When Can The Police Search Your Car?

    You get pulled over, do you know what your rights are? Traffic stops can cause a lot of stress and…

  • Lifelong GPS Tracking Ankle Bracelet

    GPS tracking ankle bracelet become somewhat of a pop culture topic thanks to Lindsay Lohan, Martha Stewart, and the movie…

  • Mark it Zero!

    Well you don’t see this everyday. A man in Spring Valley has been charged with a second-degree felony of recklessly…

  • Rapids Wisconsin: New Heroin Hub

    Heroin has become big business for the city of Rapids, Wisconsin. This town, with only a population of a little…