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Mark it Zero!

Well you don’t see this everyday. A man in Spring Valley has been charged with a second-degree felony of recklessly endangering safety. This charge is pretty broad and there are lots of ways to get hit with it. However, this man has invited a new and exciting way to be charged.

Ricky Thorne, the man in question, was charged with endangering safety for firing bowling balls from a cannon. That’s not a typo, it’s real.

It happened last Fourth of July when Thorne and his friends were shooting off bowling balls to pay homage to our country, like the forefathers intended. In the process of the rockets glaring and bombshells bursting in air, one of the cannon balls sailed through the roof of Thorne’s neighbor’s horse barn.

After finding a foreign bowling ball on the floor of the barn and a hole in the roof, the neighbor called the sheriff’s department and filed a report. A horse was also found dead in the neighbor’s pasture the next day with a large lump on its head.

The damage to the roof was estimated to be around $3,500 

Upon investigation, the sheriff’s department found that Thorne is a self-proclaimed weapons enthusiast. He apparently never thought the bowling balls would make it out of his property, let alone do damage to his neighbor’s property.

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