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Wisconsin man accused of attempted homicide

A man accused of a serious crime is undergoing a trial and will likely benefit from a strong criminal defense as the case proceeds. The man is facing two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide after an incident last summer where he is accused of shooting at officers inside of a Wisconsin hotel. Opening statements…

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Reduced Drunk Driving Charge Because Woman Had Pierced Tongue

Drunk driving is a very serious charge that affects many Wisconsin families every year. Just by being accused of a DWI or OWI can cause irreparable damage to a person’s professional reputation, and it can lead to potentially undue stress on that person’s family. Drunk driving stories are ubiquitous in the news, and often times…

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Wisconsin Teacher Felony Abuse Charges

Many Waukesha and Milwaukee residents played sports when they were in high school, and for those student-athletes, they know how boring practice can get. The weekly grind of school added on to the often repetitive exercises (and hours) put in at practice to get better at your respective sport could make the mind wander. Well…

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