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Wisconsin man accused of attempted homicide

A man accused of a serious crime is undergoing a trial and will likely benefit from a strong criminal defense as the case proceeds. The man is facing two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide after an incident last summer where he is accused of shooting at officers inside of a Wisconsin hotel. Opening statements in the trial began on April 30. The man will have the opportunity to answer to these charges with the hopes that his criminal defense is strong enough for the case to end on a positive note for him.

The District Attorney in the case opened the trial by attempting to show jurors how far away the two officers were from the man’s weapon when he allegedly opened fire. He claims the sheriff’s deputies were only 15 feet, nine inches away when the shots were fired and that a wooden board absorbed the bullets, likely saving both of their lives. The incident occurred when the man allegedly left his hotel room, heavily intoxicated and armed with a 12-gauge shotgun and a semi-automatic pistol. He allegedly fired nine of the shotgun shells and also fired the pistol after he was told by authorities to lay down his weapons.

The man was apparently having problems before the shooting occurred. He allegedly filed a false police report involving some type of incident at his ex-wife’s home and then refused to meet with the police, instead moving into the hotel where the shooting occurred. The man’s attorney does not argue about what happened but believes that the officers involved in the shooting were never in immediate danger, instead suggesting that the man was attempting to commit ‘suicide by cop.’ His failure to drop his weapons resulted in the man being seriously wounded by deputies.

The homicide charges have the potential to bring a lengthy prison term if he is convicted. He will likely have an uphill battle in this Wisconsin trial and will need the benefit of a criminal defense presented by his attorney to help him address the charges he is facing. Knowing his legal rights as they pertain to this case may help him as he seeks a positive resolution.

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