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New Data Reveals High Rate of Substance Abuse Crimes in Wisconsin

Federal health officials recently released the results of their studies on substance abuse in 2014. These are some of the statistics they uncovered about American citizens: Around 53% of Americans 12 and older use alcohol Over 10% use illegal drugs More than 21 million are dependent or impaired by drugs or alcohol Over 139 million…

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Laws Aim to Prevent Prescription Painkiller Overdoses in Wisconsin

Unfortunately, the number of prescription painkiller overdoses in Wisconsin (such as hydrocodone and oxycodone), even surpassing the number of deaths related to street drugs. And many of these deaths could have been prevented had witnesses not feared for the legal ramifications their own drug abuse would have warranted. The State of Wisconsin is taking measures…

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Wisconsin Sentence Reduction: File a Motion or Appeal?

When an individual is sentenced to time in prison, it’s only natural to explore every option that will get his or her sentence reduced. In Wisconsin, the two options are to file an appeal or to exercise Wisconsin Statute 973.19(1)(a) and request a sentence modification. The latter option, Wis. Stat.§ 973.19(1)(a), can be much quicker…

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Criminal Intent Plays Crucial Role in Wisconsin Child Pornography Cases

In an online world full of click-bait, it’s easy for curiosity to lead people to unwanted places. You could open an email or visit a web page that may seem innocent, but is actually linked to child pornography. While it may seem like a simple solution to delete the unwanted files from your computer, the…

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