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Criminal Intent Plays Crucial Role in Wisconsin Child Pornography Cases

In an online world full of click-bait, it’s easy for curiosity to lead people to unwanted places. You could open an email or visit a web page that may seem innocent, but is actually linked to child pornography.

While it may seem like a simple solution to delete the unwanted files from your computer, the damage may already be done. Even if you did not see the images before closing your browser, it may have left an impression trackable by companies on the lookout for suspicious and illegal activities.

Though it’s possible for technology-savvy individuals to disguise web searches, investigators are becoming aware of these methods and getting around them, including activity and information stored in the “Deep Web.”

Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are just a few of the companies that have designed software to match and identify pornographic images with those downloaded by users. And they are obligated to report these findings, so accidentally downloading child pornography can lead to charges of possession or worse.

In Wisconsin Child Pornography cases, it’s important to have a knowledgeable lawyer on your side to help prove there’s no criminal intent in your case if you accessed or possessed images unknowingly.

Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and discuss your case with one of our expert Milwaukee Internet Crimes and Child Pornography Attorneys.

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