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Ensuring the Accuracy of Your Car Accident Report

If you’re involved in a car accident, it’s vital that you get an accurate and detailed car accident report, not only for the sake of your car insurance claim, but for any lawsuits that may emerge from the accident.

Though in Wisconsin courts, car accident reports aren’t entered into the system by a judge and thus can’t be appealed, it’s important to ensure they don’t leave out pertinent details or get any facts wrong. If you find some sort of error, you can always respectfully ask the law enforcement officer who authored the report to clarify or amend it.

Be careful to make sure these requested changes are concrete facts and don’t have the appearance of being skewed by your unique perspective of the car accident. If the officer refuses to change the facts, you can write your own account of the incident and ask that it be attached to the police report. But understand that the circumstances of the report are ultimately the final decision of the police.

While in an ideal situation, you could obtain concrete proof immediately after the accident (such as cell phone images and witness statements), we certainly understand that the shock and trauma of such an event can rob you of the capacity to do so at the time. That’s why the experienced attorneys of Huppertz & Powers are committed to fighting for our clients and making sure they are fairly and accurately represented in car accident lawsuits.

We would love to discuss the details of your case in a 100% free and confidential first meeting. Call us today at 262-549-5979 to find out how we can help.

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