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Illegal Uses of a Concealed Carry License in Wisconsin

According to Wisconsin statute 946.71, there are several ways individuals can use a Concealed Carry Weapon license (CCW) in an unlawful manner.  To law enforcement officers, this refers to licenses issued under s. 175.60 (2) or (9r).

If your license has been revoked, suspended or fraudulently altered – or if it’s a fake altogether – and you intentionally try to pass it off as valid and current, this is unlawful in Wisconsin.

If your license is current and valid, yet you sell or lend it to someone else or knowingly let someone else use it unlawfully, this is illegal in Wisconsin. Or, if you’re on the opposite side of this and try to use or buy someone else’s license, this is just as unlawful.

Knowingly reproducing a license for carrying a concealed weapon or using a copy is prohibited, as is intentionally defacing or altering a license on purpose.

If you have been found committing one of the acts above, you could be facing Class A misdemeanor charges. It’s in your best interest to contact a Waukesha Criminal Defense Attorney to learn your available legal options.

You can schedule a free first meeting to discuss your case with the experienced lawyers of Huppertz & Powers, S.C. by calling 262-549-5979 or by filling out our confidential contact form.

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