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When Cops Plant Drug Evidence

It’s distressing enough to be arrested and made to spend time in jail over drug possession charges, and even more so if a person is completely innocent of them. recently published an interview with a law enforcement officer from Florida (whose identity was withheld), who confessed to planting drug evidence and fabricating drug charges to arrest innocent people.

The practice, also called flaking, is a form of police corruption rampant nationwide and is considered a consequence of drug wars. Police are pressured to make large numbers of arrests every day, and risk losing their living if they fail to meet the arrest quota. In fact, a article, citing The Voice, reports tape evidence revealing how superiors threaten street cops if they don’t make adequate stop-and-frisk arrests. An ex-NYPD policeman also testified that he’s observed undercover personnel and investigators do this illegal practice as well. Furthermore, a message board frequented by law enforcement officers showed stories where cops admit doing this to people who do not submit to their authority.

If you know of someone who is a victim of this corrupt practice in Wisconsin, the best way to help protect his rights is to get him a trusted Waukesha criminal defense attorney from firms like Huppertz and Powers, S.C., right away. The lawyer may hire an investigator to communicate with the police involved, or do it himself, for purposes of extracting whatever information there is that’s essential to the accused’s defense.

Although the police’s sworn testimony weighs a lot in the courtroom, the Waukesha attorney can file a motion requiring the release of the latter’s complaint file to find out whether he has previous records of lying and planting evidence. This file contains the name and contact information of people who’ve complained against the officer before, who the investigator or lawyer can take as witnesses to help strengthen the accused’s defense. The accused would also need witnesses who know him well and can testify that he’s off drugs for a substantial period of time.

Although police officers are supposed to protect the citizens’ rights, there are times when personal interests will supersede their sense of duty. Fortunately, victims can rely on committed and skilled defense lawyers from firms like Huppertz and Powers to see them through. Work with them to ensure justice is done.

(Source: Bombshell Interview: Cop Reveals That “Planting Evidence And Lying” Are Just “Part Of The Game”,, February 19, 2015)

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