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Early Discharge from Probation in Wisconsin

Our experienced Waukesha Criminal Defense Attorneys are often asked if it’s possible to receive early discharge from probation in Wisconsin and what people can do to make it happen.

To start with, this situation is only made possible by the court system when you have completed at least half of your probation term. The judge will need to determine that you have met all the terms of your supervision the court ordered during your sentencing, kept all previously agreed upon rules, attended any rehabilitation and enrichment programs you were ordered to the full extent and that you’ve paid all of the necessary fees.

You will not be eligible for early discharge if you:

  • are required to register under s. 301.45.
  • are on extended supervision or parole.

Your agent will need to be on board with your early discharge so he or she can petition the court and communicate that you have exhibited good conduct, kept all rules and regulations as agreed and met the goals for your supervision.

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