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Electronic Filing in Court Systems

In today’s digital age, more and more courts are defaulting to electronic filing systems to organize and protect their physical data, including briefs and other documents. While it’s uncommon for a court to be completely paperless, most are now requiring an electronic version of certain physical documentation.

The US Supreme Court announced in December that it would move to electronic filing within the next two years, in fact. Their goal is to make information more efficient and available to the public. While protocols vary on the state level, Wisconsin attorneys must file their briefs electronically when working with the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, yet this extra step isn’t required in the circuit courts.

Typically this process involves scanning the required documents and saving in PDF format, most often on the day the physical file is taken care of. Local courts have specific instructions on their websites or available through a simple phone call to the clerk.

Most courts will maintain paper documentation of proceedings for the sake of those who do not have access to computer technology, and there are coding systems in place to ensure the highest level of protection so sensitive and confidential information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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