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Criminal Record Expungement in Wisconsin

Criminal records of any kind can affect your credibility when applying for work, housing, and other things. Like many states, Wisconsin will expunge or seal an individual’s records from the public eye (the terms are synonymous these days), but their rules are stricter than many other states. Still, expunging your record is a good option for protecting your reputation if you meet the requirements.

The majority of expungements occur for individuals who were juveniles when they were convicted. The court is also more lenient for individuals under the age of 25 if the crime was a Class H or I felony, the individual had no prior offenses, his or her prison sentence was six years or fewer, the individual will benefit from or the public will not be harmed by the expungement, This occurs after the completion of a sentence, and the individual usually has to petition for expungement.

If you happen to receive a pardon, this doesn’t necessarily mean your record will be expunged. Your record will indicate the pardon, but the public will still be able to access the details. The pardon program has been suspended in Wisconsin indefinitely since 2013, however.

If you are thinking of petitioning for expungement in Wisconsin, it’s best to comply with the decision makers’ conditions for your probation and avoid any more convictions in the meantime. In the same court that convicted you, you can fill out a Petition to Expunge Court Record of Conviction form to get started.

The specifics of Wisconsin law are complex and change often. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced lawyer on your side. The Criminal Defense Attorneys of Huppertz & Powers, S.C. have over 40 years of combined experience with Wisconsin Expungement law and can advise if your records are eligible for expungement

Call us at 262-549-5979, fill out our criminal defense intake form or email us to discuss your case. The first meeting’s on us.

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