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FoodShare Fraud in Wisconsin


Here in Wisconsin, our extension of the USDA’s SNAP program is called FoodShare. Did you know it’s considered an act of fraud to sell food stamps with potentially hefty consequences for doing so?

If people have enough groceries, it’s logical they would try to liquidate their food stamps to meet other financial needs. And it’s not uncommon for people to search for food stamps on Facebook sale groups, Craigslist and other websites. But both of these actions are considered fraud, along with stealing benefits, using someone else’s ID to buy benefits, trading food purchased with FoodShare, refunding the food for cash, selling food purchased with FoodShare, buying food someone else bought with FoodShare benefits and more.

The federal government is helping states monitor FoodShare fraud and cracking down, especially online with undercover operations and forms to submit anonymous tips. Activity of this nature can result in temporary or permanent suspension of benefits or federal criminal charges that could cost you fines or prison time. Consequences are determined according to the nature of the offense, how much money was improperly used and whether or not that individual has a prior conviction.

If you’ve been approached by a federal or state investigator regarding FoodShare fraud in Wisconsin, you do not have to answer questions without a lawyer. Instead, contact the southeastern Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys of Huppertz & Powers, S.C. to discuss how we can help you in a free initial consultation. We will fight for you and make sure you’re fairly and accurately represented in court.

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