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The Risks of Selling Imitation Drugs in Wisconsin

If an individual is selling imitation drugs in Southeastern Wisconsin – substances passed off as illegal drugs – he or she not only risks conviction, but retribution from those who have paid money for this scam.

This happens more often than you’d think. People sell imitation drugs to gain a higher profit, as a substitute if they’ve run out of the real thing or under the assumption that a fake product will result in lesser consequences if they’re caught.

These individuals are frequently caught as part of undercover police investigations, often tipped off by people seeking retribution for being scammed. But in this business with high stakes and dangerous players, retribution can come at a much higher cost.

Furthermore, people who sell imitation drugs can be exposing their clients to substances much more harmful than the original drugs. While real drugs have their own risks and dangers, when their pure forms are chemically modified, this change in composition or addition of chemicals can have deadly effects.

If you are facing the legal consequences of selling or possessing drugs – whether real or imitation drugs – the Waukesha, Wisconsin, attorneys at Huppertz & Powers, S.C., are devoted to fighting for your best outcome.

Contact us today for a free consultation from experience Waukesha Drugs lawyers by calling 262-549-5979, filling out our criminal defense intake form, or by sending us an email. Your future is important to us.

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