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Internet Crime: Proving Copyright Infringement

Internet Crime

Many people believe that when something is posted on the Internet it is available for all people to use as they see fit. While it is true that information, graphics, music, videos and similar information is placed on the Internet for other people to view and enjoy, it is not “free to use.” You may get charged of Internet Copyright Infringement.


When someone uses the work of another person, even if it is simply copying and pasting it to another website, it can be potentially seen as internet copyright infringement.


Internet copyright infringement is a very serious charge. The person or business who owns the rights to a specific piece of material has the ability to sue the user for damages. If the information was used and then resold in any manner or used for financial gain in any way, the owner of the work can seek criminal charges.


Criminal charges for internet copyright infringement can be very serious. It could result in jail time and large fines. The owner of the property can even pursue additional actions such as making you remove any content that has their information or product contained in it and recall and destroy any product that has been made or sold using their information or product.


If you have been accused of this type of Internet crime or internet copyright infringement crime it is very important to seek a copyright infringement lawyer or Criminal defense lawyer to represent your side of the case. You will need an attorney that understands the nature and seriousness of this type of crime and can aggressively represent your case.


Proving Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt


It should be understood that just because you have been accused of a crime does not mean that you have been convicted of a crime or Internet copyright infringement charge. You have the right to defend yourself in a court of law before a jury of your peers. To do this, you need to build a defense that will explain your actions that are in question. To do this, you need a criminal defense attorney or internet copyright infringement Attorney.


Your criminal defense attorney or internet copyright infringement Attorney will explain to you that one of the most important things you must understand about your case is that the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have committed this crime. When it comes to Internet crime and internet copyright infringement issues on the Internet, this can be very hard.


Your criminal attorney will go over all of the details of your actions and help you build a solid defense. Your attorney may even be able to help you negotiate a deal with the prosecution prior to the court date to settle the matter quickly. It will all depend on the facts of the case.


Work Closely With Your Criminal Defense Attorney or Internet Copyright Infringement Attorney


If you want to build a successful case for your defense, you will need to work closely with your Internet Copyright Infringement Attorney. There are several things you must do to make things work in your favor throughout the entire process. Some of these things will include:


  • Always Make Your Appointments. Your criminal defense attorney will be working on very strict deadlines and it is imperative that you make all of your appointments so that delays are not made in the case. Every delay can cause additional issues to arise in your case.


  • Come Prepared. Your criminal defense attorney will ask you to provide many things to help build a case for your defense. You should strive to make sure that all of this information or relevant evidence is given to your attorney in a timely manner. This evidence is crucial to building your case.


  • Ask Questions. Never assume anything when it comes to building a defense. It is in your best interest to ask questions about anything that does not seem clear so that there is never any confusion. Your attorney is there to answer your questions.


  • Avoid Social Media. Do not post anything about your case on social media. Do not talk about the charges against you or anything about your defense. Do not talk about anything that you discuss with your lawyer or any information or evidence you provide. Avoid making any comments good or bad against the prosecution or the person or company that has placed these charges against you. You should also avoid posting anything on your social media that would make you look “bad” in the eyes of the court during this time. The prosecution will be monitoring all forms of your social media.


There Are Never Any Guarantees


It should be understood that there are never any guarantees in the legal world. There is no guarantee that the prosecution will successfully win their case against you, regardless of how positive they feel about the charges. There is also no guarantee that your attorney can prevent you from being convicted. The only guarantee that you have is that your attorney will do their best to make sure that you receive the best possible outcome to your case.


Avoiding Internet Copyright Infringement


The best way to avoid copyright infringement on the Internet is to always check to see if the information you want to use is available to the public. Many sites will tell you that their info graphs or pictures can be copied and will even provide the right links for you to use to post the work. If there is no information on whether you can use the picture, music, or other form of data, you will need to contact the site owner.


Many websites will allow you to use their work for a simple fee. Some sites may even allow you to use their work for free if you put a public notice on your site as to who created the original work and how to contact them. Others may allow you to purchase limited use of their work.


Some websites will simply deny you the use of their copyrighted work. When this occurs, move on. This is the best way to avoid trouble. Do not go with the common belief that “if you change it 10 percent it is now yours.” This is an urban legend and you may still find yourself facing criminal theft charges.


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