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Huppertz & Powers SC can help you through this difficult time in your life. We handle all aspects of divorce, from simple Dissolutions of Marriage proceedings to divorces involving children and marital assets to the complex dividing of marital estates. We aggressively represent our clients to ensure that their rights are protected throughout the entire process.

Divorce is never simple. Many different issues must be addressed when a couple decides to end their marriage. When you add to this the fact that there will be many emotions involved in the process, it is always in the best interest of both parties to have legal representation during divorce proceedings.

If you are seeking a divorce, or you have received notification that your spouse is seeking divorce, Huppertz & powers SC can help you in the following areas:

Legal Separation

There are times when a couple may wish to remain married but legally live separately. When this is the case, we can take care of the legal separation. Legal separation usually denotes the financial obligations of both parties while they are separated. Some will require that the couple meet again at a specific time period to decide if they will reconcile or proceed with a divorce. All operations are unique to the situation and will need the assistance of an attorney to complete.


We can manage your entire divorce process from beginning to end. We will use our skills to represent your side of the divorce and protect your interests throughout the process. It is important to remember that you must be a resident of Wisconsin for at least six months and your specific county for at least 30 days before you can file for a divorce in that country.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody and support issues are often the most disputed part of a divorce. We will work closely with you to make sure that the best interests of your children are considered when it comes to physical custody, visitation rights, and child support.

If you have already gone through child custody hearings and require additional help for changes in custody, visitation, or support, our attorneys can help you in this matter as well.


If there is a question of paternity, we can help. We can give you the right information to have testing completed and follow through with any legal issues once paternity has been established.

Spousal Support

There are occasions where spousal support may be necessary when a divorce occurs. The courts generally look at the length of time in the marriage, the earnings of both spouses, and each person's health conditions when determining if spousal support will be granted. We will look over the case and work to protect both sides of the issue to ensure that everyone is treated fairly in this situation.

If you are considering filing for divorce or have been served with notification that your spouse has filed, protect your rights and speak with one of our knowledgeable divorce attorneys today.

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