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Probation, Parole or Extended Supervision in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Probation and Parole: Over the next few weeks, we are going to be providing information that will apply to you if a judge has placed you on probation, parole or extended supervision in Wisconsin.

This means you may complete your sentence outside of a correctional facility, instead of under the supervision of a Department of Corrections (DOC) agent, such as a parole officer.

Under this arrangement, the terms of your sentence are community-based, subject to terms of which you will be notified in court. Usually, these terms relate to your crime such as attending rehabilitation or accountability groups, performing community service or paying restitution.

Once mandated by the court, no one else has the power to change these terms or the given rules/regulations surrounding your supervision – even your DOC agent.

There are a few different circumstances under which you could be ordered probation, parole or extended supervision:

  • If you receive a ruling of “Sentence Withheld, Placed on Probation”, this means you haven’t been sentenced and will be supervised under certain parameters. If the judge finds that you have violated these conditions, you could be sentenced in court.

  • For “Sentence Imposed And Stayed, Placed on Probation”, the court has sentenced you to a specific term, but decided this is not to be carried out and instead put you under the supervision of the DOC for a given time period. However, if your given rules and conditions are broken, you will bypass court and be required to serve your original sentence.

  • If you’ve been placed on “Parole”, this means you’ve been released from prison after serving your term, with supervision conditions determined by the Parole Commission.

  • Individuals facing “Extended Supervision” have carried out the terms of a prison sentence and now face a certain time period of supervision under a DOC agent, the duration of which was determined in the original criminal sentence.

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