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Risk Factors for Contributing to Juvenile Crimes

juvenile crimes

Juvenile crime is an issue that affects people in all areas. Regardless of race, economic status, sex, religion, or other classifications, crime rates within the juvenile age bracket is something that must be addressed. These young people are finding themselves in situations where they are making decisions that could impact their entire lives.

So what causes a juvenile to commit a crime? There are several factors leading to juvenile delinquency . While some are commonly known and understood, there are also some newer risk factors for juvenile delinquency that have begun contributing to juvenile crimes.

The Internet 

The Internet can now be attributed to a large portion of crimes being committed by the younger generation. While this may seem like a very broad generalization and an anti-technology statement, it is still the truth. The Internet generation is influenced by what they see and experience on the Web, and it is not always good.

Internet peer pressure is a very real concept and it attributes to a lot of crime. These youth feel pressured into doing things to gain Internet approval or acceptance by people that they do not even really know. Why this is so common is unknown, but it is a very real risk factors for juvenile delinquency. The need for approval on social sites is very important to the Internet generation and these kids will go to great lengths to gain this approval.

Drug Addiction 

The opiate addiction is a very real thing across all age brackets and economic standings. It also plays a very large part in crimes committed by juveniles. If the parents or guardians are addicted to opiates, the children often find themselves in the position to fend for themselves. This can lead to stealing for food or necessities or committing other crimes due to lack of supervision.

If the teen suffers from an addiction of any kind, their behavior will become very risky. Theft may become necessary to support their habit, and other poor choices may also occur so that they can obtain their drugs. Addiction also leads to an association with gangs or other individuals that may have criminal intentions.

Difficulty In School 

Schooling plays a large part in keeping children out of criminal activity. Having difficulty in school is a leading risk factors for juvenile delinquency in getting into trouble. Children that have difficulty learning may find that skipping school is the preferred choice of their day, and delinquency leads to trouble.

Of course, peer pressure is a risk factors for juvenile delinquency in school and can lead to criminal activity. A parent or guardians’ best choice is to know the friends of their children so that they can prevent this type of event from occurring.

Lack Of Adult Influence 

The influence of an adult in the life of a teen or child is very important. Having an adult guide the teen on the choices they make in their lives can prevent a lot of crime from occurring. Adults have the ability to influence these children, even if the kids do not seem to respond to their guidance. When the time comes, guidance from the adult can impact a choice that the teen makes when they are “on the spot.”

Children who lack an adult influence in their lives often do not understand the consequences of their actions. They may not distinguish clearly right from wrong. In fact, many kids without a strong adult influence grow up lacking care for right from wrong and only care about what they want and how to fill that desire.

Of course, there are many other risk factors for juvenile delinquency that can contribute to delinquency and juvenile crime. Many of these issues have been addressed over and over and are common knowledge. It is these newer issues that are becoming more relevant in this area of law and issues that can be easily addressed.

Prevention Of Juvenile Crimes 

The best way to prevent juvenile crimes is interaction. Interacting with your children will help you discover potential problems in their lives or with their friends that you can help change. If you are active in the lives of your children you have a higher chance of preventing a crime from happening. Additionally, children who actively interact with their parents are more prone to go to them in times of trouble instead of lashing out and getting into trouble.

When Your Child Breaks The Law 

If your child or teen has been charged with a crime, it is very important for you to secure legal representation from an attorney familiar with the juvenile law. Legal cases against children should be handled by a Pewaukee criminal attorney that has dedicated a portion of their practice to representing minors. The outcome of these cases can be life-changing, and it should only be handled by those who understand children and juvenile law.

Cases involving minors should not be managed or handled the same as an adult. There are so many risk factors for juvenile delinquency that must be considered and addressed in these cases that it takes a special attorney to manage the case right. The outcome should always be in the best interest of the child in the form of rehabilitation and not necessarily punishment. Teaching these children to make the right decisions through community service, therapy, and other available programs should be the goal of the attorney and the court. Incarceration should be reserved only for serious or heinous crimes where no other option is available.

When you seek out legal assistance from a Pewaukee criminal attorney for your child, ask if they have handled cases for minors in the past and what their opinion of such cases. If the attorney does not seem passionate about helping the child get the best outcome so that they can turn their life around, you may want to seek legal representation elsewhere.

Your child has made a mistake, a serious enough mistake to be arrested. They feel scared and traumatized and are unsure of their future. They may feel they will not have a chance to make what they did “right” and that they will suffer for their poor choice for the rest of their lives. As their parent or guardian, it will be easier to address these issues when you have an attorney that is compassionate about the situation and cares about the outcome of the case.

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