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Samsung See Through Semi-Truck

Have you ever been stuck behind a big semi-truck going 10 miles per hour under the speed limit driving down a two-lane road? We’ve all been and it’s not a pleasant situation. You want to pass the semi but trying to judge the traffic flow in the opposite lane can be tricky, especially at night.

This situation is all too common and very dangerous. Every year many people are injured or killed because drivers trying to pass semis misjudge the oncoming traffic, which results in a head on collision.

This problem attracted the minds of tech giant Samsung. The Korean company decided they could solve this problem by mounting a camera on the front grill of the truck and then displaying the feed on the back of the trailer.This will allow drivers to see what’s ahead of them and know when they can safely pass the semi-truck. 

Samsung is calling this invention the Safety Truck. They hope it will soon be the industry standard and save lives all around the world.

There is some concern over this idea. Critics have questioned the reliability of the camera. What would happen if the image froze showing an empty road, while in reality there was an oncoming car? Would Samsung be at fault if this caused an accident?

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