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Sheriff’s deputy faces sex crimes charges in Wisconsin

A sheriff’s sergeant in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, is receiving a taste of the other side of the legal system after being accused of sex crimes. The man had once acted as a department spokesman before being charged in a federal court for purportedly producing child pornography over a period of two years. The sex crimes he has been accused of are disturbing, but the man will have the opportunity to address them in a court of law.

The federal investigation of the officer reportedly began in July 2011. Agents raided the home of a man in another state who had been accused of child pornography and claimed they found links to the Wisconsin official on a computer. Agents say they were able to decrypt child pornography images and upon doing so, discovered GPS coordinates which led them to a Campbellsport-area campground and a lot that they say the sheriff’s official had rented starting in 2008.

Authorities also say they were able to uncover evidence that indicated the sergeant may have used computers at his home or that belonged to Milwaukee County as part of his alleged illegal activities.

Prosecutors claim the sheriff’s official has admitted his role in the crimes. They say he told agents how he drugged, molested and photographed several girls and acknowledged that he had been unable to control his urges.

Although he is innocent until proven guilty, this man will likely face a tough road due to the salacious nature of the allegations against him and his position as a law enforcement officer. It is important to remember that the burden of the prosecution is to prove its allegations against the man beyond a reasonable doubt in a fair and impartial criminal proceeding.

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