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A Skilled Waukesha Attorney Can Help Defend Against an OWI Conviction

In Wisconsin, an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) charge is not something that can be taken lightly. Even if there is jail time for a first offense, you’ll still have to pay a fine that could reach up to $300 and have your license suspended from six to nine months. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of consequences that an expert Waukesha criminal defense attorney from a firm like Huppertz & Powers, S.C. can help you avoid.

An OWI conviction, even a first one, can be problematic for many people. Though Wisconsin doesn’t mandate jail time for the conviction, it will still go on your permanent record as a misdemeanor. Young people applying for college may have trouble getting into their preferred college once a background check is done. Moreover, jobs that require professional and state licensing like being a teacher or doctor may be out of your reach since a misdemeanor might disqualify you from getting a license.

That’s just the beginning. Furthermore, your license suspension from your OWI conviction has consequences. If you were a driver, taking away your license would severely affect your income; some employers will even immediately fire you for receiving an OWI conviction. Even if your ability to drive was not the main source of your income, a suspended license can still affect your daily life; you’ll be limited to public transportation for the better part of a year. Getting your license back will also be expensive; insurance companies will learn of your OWI conviction and correspondingly raise your insurance rates.

All of these consequences can be avoided with the help of a skilled Waukesha attorney. They have several options on how to defend you against a conviction and are experienced enough to know which strategy to use in your defense. First, the lawyer can argue that you were improperly stopped. The law states that you can’t be arrested without a good reason. For example, if you were driving without any outward signs of being drunk, like wobbly driving, then an officer cannot stop you and test your sobriety. Second, a lawyer can choose to question the accuracy of the sobriety tests applied to the defendant. An inaccurate test can mean that you were incorrectly considered as operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. There are several angles your attorney can take to try and win your case.

An OWI conviction is a serious problem and you can avoid it by being properly defended by a skilled attorney. Contact one as soon as possible to ensure you get the best defense.

(Source: The Long-Term Effects of a DUI, LifeSafer)

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