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Waterford man accused of embezzling $1.4 million

A Waterford man faces charges of embezzling $1.4 million from Waukesha Memorial Hospital while he was an employee there. The 52-year-old man allegedly submitted invoices for painting work from a company owned by his wife. However, the hospital later determined the woman’s company never performed any of the work listed. Such white collar crime charges in Wisconsin require a strong criminal defense and should not be fought without the help of an experienced attorney.

The hospital says the painting work at the hospital was done by employees and not contractors. The time frame of the alleged theft is long-running. It is said to have occurred between February 2006 and April 2011. During those years, over 460 reputedly fraudulent invoices were submitted by the man.

The claimed embezzlement came to light after new management discovered an extraordinarily large number of invoices for the wife’s painting company. An internal investigation followed and officials say they discovered that the man never performed any work outside his regular work hours and that there was no indication his wife had ever worked inside the hospital.

According to court documents, the man admitted to the crime and claimed he was having trouble paying bills. He is said to have stated that he and his wife used the money to pay rent on storage facilities as well as for their own personal benefit. Authorities say they discovered the man owned upwards of 15 vehicles, many which were not hindered by liens.

Based on what’s been reported, it’s apparent that this man faces significant legal hurdles. Among them is his alleged confession. In view of the potentially stiff consequences for conviction, he will want to take action to ensure that all of his rights are fully honored as proceedings move forward.

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