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Waukesha Criminal Defense Attorney Counsels you on Drug Possession

Society seems to view drugs as a problem rampant among the youth, and you have no idea how bad it can get when you find yourself in the hot seat for allegedly possessing some banned substances. You could be in for some surprise if you expect that your privileged position can get you the kind of representation that could somehow get you off the hook. Los Angeles Kings center Jarrett Stoll found that out the hard way (when he was charged with drug possession during a vacation in Las Vegas) that it wasn’t an easy situation to get out of. His ordeal then was reported in The Associated Press on April 21, 2015.

Wisconsin residents know the hard-hitting effects of the drug problem and how it can ruin lives. The state is already reeling from a major drug bust in Kenosha and Racine counties that saw the arrest of 24 suspects and the seizing of a large shipment of various controlled substances. Lawmakers are also discussing bills requiring drug testing for food stamp recipients. If you are accused of drug possession but are at your wits’ end trying to make sense of the charges, a trained Waukesha criminal defense attorney from firms like Huppertz and Powers, S.C. can come to your aid.

Why Me?

The Las Vegas police stated that Stoll was booked after a routine security check at MGM Grand Hotel. The suspect was searched before he was slated to enter the hotel’s Wet Republic pool club. Approximately 3.3 grams of cocaine and some pellets were found in the suspect’s shorts; the pellets were claimed to be the party drug, ecstasy. The suspect was brought to the Clark County jail for processing.

Preparing for Court

If you are allowed to post bail, you will be ordered to appear in court at a specified date. This will give you and your Waukesha attorney time to craft a defense and assemble supporting facts. USA Today confirmed that Stoll paid $5,000 as bail bond, and was slated to appear before a Las Vegas judge on July 1, 2015.

Under Wisconsin’s Uniform and Bail Schedule 2015, Stoll’s charges may be simply misdemeanors, but if previous offenses were determined, those charges may be raised to felonies, and your lawyer can warn you about this. WI Statutes 961.41 (3g) (c) and (d), or possession of cocaine or stimulants, respectively, mandate a bail of $250 as misdemeanor, but can reap up to three and a half years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

It’s never too late to hold your ground and attempt every last option to get yourself off the hook, and start anew. A competent defense counsel will stay with you until the end.


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