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Waukesha Criminal Defense Attorney Pushes for ‘Light’ DUI Resolution

If a court has marked you as guilty on DUI charges but you dread the potential jail time, you must rely on your counsel to convince the court to reduce the penalty. It may be the only way to maintain your freedom and be on the path to full recovery. Gary Mihoces of USA Today noted the same of vaunted swimmer Michael Phelps, who went on trial in Maryland in September 2014 on DUI charges.


Phelps’ situation may not be that far off from Wisconsin residents who may be facing allegations of driving while inebriated. A tally of motorists in America’s Dairyland shows that at least 25% of those arrested admit exhibiting drunken behavior while operating a motor vehicle – and nearly half of all fatal auto accidents in the state were related to intoxication. If you are making extra effort to avoid being behind bars for DUI but willing to seek remedies for your situation, a proficient Waukesha criminal defense attorney and Waukesha DUl Lawyer like those at Huppertz and Powers, SC, can take your case forward.

Facts and No Errors

A review of all facts about the case is paramount to building an effective argument for a more palatable solution. Court records indicated that Phelps was caught driving waywardly after passing the Fort McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore, MD, and later charged with one count each of DUI, crossing double lines, and speeding (84 miles per hour in a 45mph zone). He pleaded guilty to the DUI charge, but prosecutors dropped the other two charges.

A person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is often the sticking point in a DUI case, and maximum allowed BAC levels in both Wisconsin and Maryland are set at below 0.08. Police tagged Phelps’ BAC at the time of the arrest at 0.14.

Remedial Effort

If you have undergone treatment over the course of a DUI trial, your lawyer may use this to further convince the court to mete out a more lenient sentence. The Phelps camp has said that he had successfully undergone a 45-day rehab program in Arizona and is undergoing after-care support, with plans of attending Alcoholics Anonymous sessions. This became a basis for Phelps’ sentence to be reduced to 18 months supervised probation with a one-year suspended prison term.

Never lose hope, whether you are innocent of the charges against you, or are guilty and want to mend your ways. Waukesha attorneys experienced in DUI cases can help you in your plight, and fight for your chance of a lighter sentence, or even complete exoneration.

(Source: Michael Phelps receives suspended sentence in drunk driving case, USA Today, 19 December 2014)

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