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Father charged in son’s death

Bad situations have a way of often spinning into something worse. Often, in everyday situations, we are able to work our way around things and restore our equilibrium. But when serious criminal charges are the upshot of a situation, Wisconsin residents should not try to undertake the necessary criminal defense without the help of experienced legal counsel.

Whether the issue is minor or major, it is always essential to remember that the individual facing criminal charges is entitled to the presumption of innocence that is guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. Assertive representation in protection of that presumption is crucial.

This comes to mind in light of the news that a Balsam Lake, Wisconsin, man is facing a homicide charge in the death of his son. The man is already serving time after being convicted of severely injuring the child when he was an infant in 2007. Authorities filed a homicide charge in the case recently alleging that the child died in November of last year of complications due to brain injuries suffered in 2007.

The man was formally charged earlier this month with first-degree reckless homicide. If convicted, he could face decades in prison. With the potential of such dire consequences, a strong defense is called for.

The death of a child is always gut-wrenching. When authorities point fingers of suspicion at a parent in such a case, it can spark major outrage. While perhaps understandable, the dangers of fueling such public reaction are significant. It has to raise questions about whether it is possible for a person to receive a fair trial. Even a change of venue may be insufficient to guarantee fairness. But, ultimately, it is the right of any person who is accused of a crime to have the benefit of presumed innocence and a fair trial. That’s why the most common advice proffered to a person facing charges is to call an attorney.

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