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Man arrested after standoff

Criminal defense matters can involve many issues in Wisconsin. One man is facing criminal charges after a domestic dispute ended in a police standoff. Authorities went to a couple’s home to check on the safety of the wife because there was a record of domestic violence. There is no word on whether it was a routine check, or if someone contacted authorities to report an incident. What happened next became a matter of criminal defense and ended with the man’s arrest.

The dispute resulted in a S.W.A.T team standoff that lasted for four hours. It eventually ended with a peaceful arrest, although the man is said to have threatened the police officers. He allegedly stated that if he knew the officers were outside his residence, he would have shot them. Authorities reportedly knew the man kept a number of firearms inside his home.

The man’s wife claimed her husband had threatened to murder the police if she ever contacted them. She also stated she is fearful of her husband coming to her wok and harming her and her co-workers. Authorities seized the man’s weapons, and at last reported the man was still in jail.

Domestic disputes can often get quickly out of hand. The charges against this Wisconsin man have not been divulged, but he will likely need to prepare a criminal defense in answer to police accusations. Fortunately, there have been no reports of any injuries in the incident, though threats of domestic violence are taken very seriously, and for good reason. Nevertheless, knowing his rights could go a long ways in helping him fight the charges against him in a courtroom. Like anyone else in our state, he is entitled to present a vigorous criminal defense challenging the evidence and seeking a favorable outcome.

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