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Working with a Wisconsin Department of Corrections Agent

Today we will be continuing our series on Probation, Parole and Extended Supervision in Wisconsin, answering some frequently asked questions about working with a Department of Corrections Agent, to whom we’ll simply refer to as your agent in this article.

How often and where will I meet with my agent?

The frequency you will see your agent will be determined upon your first meeting. He or she may prefer to meet in your home, at your workplace or school or in his or her own office. If you need to talk to your agent sooner than your scheduled time, you can always ask to do so. Every six months, your agent will review your meeting schedule and may adjust it according to your progress.

What is the purpose of meeting with my agent?

Don’t just view meetings with your agent as a necessary evil; use it as an opportunity to air any grievances, ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have. During this time, your agent will be completing required paperwork, collecting necessary fees, evaluating the steps you’re taking to reach your supervision goals, keeping you accountable for required programs and more. Part of his or her duties may also include obtaining regular urine/DNA samples from you.

It’s vital that you place high priority on these meetings, keep all scheduled appointments and communicate if something happens to come up that prevents you from being there.

What happens if I lose contact with my agent?

If you do not maintain regular contact with your agent and miss your scheduled meeting times without touching base, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. The amount of time that’s elapsed since you contacted your agent will not count toward your supervision terms, and your supervision may be revoked entirely.

The attorneys of Huppertz & Powers, S.C. have many years of experience in dealing with Wisconsin criminal cases. Contact us now at 262-549-5979 or fill out our criminal defense intake form to discuss your case — the first meeting is on us.

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