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Wisconsin Records Sites Adds CAPTCHA

Most people aren’t familiar with the term CAPTCHA, but almost everyone who’s ever used the Internet has had to deal with a CAPTCHA. Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart is the expanded form of CAPTCHA.

These frustrating devices are the scam protecting tests we all have to pass in order to buy something or create an account on the Internet. Typically the test involves typing a swirled and distorted group of numbers and letters.

Unfortunately, a CAPTCHA will soon be added to one of Wisconsin’s most used records websites, CCAP. This new security measure is being put in place to stop scammers from charging people to remove information from their public records.

The scammers use automatic data mining software to collect people’s public records from the site. They then contact the people claiming they could remove unwanted information, such as criminal offenses, from their public records. In reality, the scammers had no intention of cleaning records and did not have the authority to do so anyway.

This scam was happening so much the Department of Justice was asked to step in and investigate.

Wisconsin courts do not accept any payments to remove public records. Although the CAPTCHA is somewhat annoying, it should put a stop to this scam.

If you need help expunging or sealing your records call the lawyers at Huppertz & Powers. Having a clean record is vitally important when applying for a job, loan or school so don’t risk it by using an unqualified online service.

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