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Archive for March 2015

Early Discharge from Probation in Wisconsin

Our experienced Waukesha Criminal Defense Attorneys are often asked if it’s possible to receive early discharge from probation in Wisconsin and what people can do to make it happen. To start with, this situation is only made possible by the court system when you have completed at least half of your probation term. The judge…

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The Conditions of Department of Corrections Supervision

In continuing our series on Probation, Parole and Extended Supervision in Wisconsin, today we are going to discuss the typical conditions of Department of Corrections supervision. As we mentioned in the first post, rules and regulations will usually be outlined specifically by the judge during your sentencing. Other conditions will be introduced by the Department…

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Working with a Wisconsin Department of Corrections Agent

Today we will be continuing our series on Probation, Parole and Extended Supervision in Wisconsin, answering some frequently asked questions about working with a Department of Corrections Agent, to whom we’ll simply refer to as your agent in this article. How often and where will I meet with my agent? The frequency you will see…

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Consequences of Drunk Driving in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is among the states that rate the highest in drunk driving. In fact, more than 33,000 people were convicted for drunk driving offenses in the state in 2012. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, alcohol-related crashes have killed 223 people and injured almost 3,000 in the same year, accounting for approximately 36% of…

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When Cops Plant Drug Evidence

It’s distressing enough to be arrested and made to spend time in jail over drug possession charges, and even more so if a person is completely innocent of them. TheFreeThought.com recently published an interview with a law enforcement officer from Florida (whose identity was withheld), who confessed to planting drug evidence and fabricating drug charges…

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Probation, Parole or Extended Supervision in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Probation and Parole: Over the next few weeks, we are going to be providing information that will apply to you if a judge has placed you on probation, parole or extended supervision in Wisconsin. This means you may complete your sentence outside of a correctional facility, instead of under the supervision of a Department of…

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